Our Aims & History

Each year thousands of children are born with disabilities that severely affect their mobility, causing very real limits on their quality of life. This can be dramatically improved by the use of a modern and sophisticated powered wheelchair, giving the freedom and mobility to gain a degree of independence. Unfortunately, the state does not offer most children the type of chair that they really need, and the cost is often out of the reach of their families.

In 1975, George Makey MBE started an initiative to raise money to buy powered chairs for disabled children. At the end of the seventies he asked Peter Alliss – the renowned golfer and commentator – to become involved, which he did willingly. Since then many Golf Clubs and other organisations have joined in and raised over £7 million pounds to buy hundreds of powered chairs for needy children across the UK.
The Peter Alliss Masters is run by golfers – all unpaid volunteers – and is a registered charity with expenses kept to an absolute minimum. It raises limited funds itself but the charity’s main aims are to encourage, support and reward clubs who get involved and raise money, in their own name, to buy chairs for children in their local area.

The amount of cash raised by clubs can vary enormously, as can the cost of chairs which may have a price tag of anything between £2,000 and £13,000 depending on the degree of sophistication and complexity that a unit might need to meet the requirements of a particular child.

Club members also enjoy fundraising golf events throughout the year, and representatives also take part in the annual “Peter Alliss Masters Golf Tournament”. You can see what has been happening at some of our clubs by clicking on “News Items” in the main menu.

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