George Makey's 'bible'

George Makey was the man who began everything for this charity. Without his inspiration, dedication and determination, none of this would have happened and many hundreds of children's lives would not have been improved with the help of otherwise prohibitively expensive powered wheelchairs.

He was an amazing character. He not only had a clear and noble vision but was able to cajole, nag and finally persuade top celebrities and sportsmen into joining him on his mission.

The likes of Bruce Forsyth, Ronnie Corbett, Henry Cooper, Val Doonican, Bobby Charlton, Kenny Dalglish, Willie Thorne, Mike England and many others - including of course our own wonderful Peter Alliss - all supported George in those early days of the 'crusade'.

He was also able to persuade world champion golfers such as Seve Ballesteros, Nick Faldo, Sandy Lyle, Greg Norman, Bernhard Langer and many others to generously fund scores of powered wheelchairs out of their own personal winnings. Seve alone donated 17 chairs and Nick Faldo 11.

Fortunately, George kept records of his early correspondence and reports from 1974 to 1996, which in 2003 he collated into a binder to be presented to 'the valiant and generous Members of Helsby Golf Club' in recognition of their extraordinary contribution over many years.

The contents of this binder have now been scanned and electronically stored so they will never be lost and can be enjoyed by anyone accessing this website wherever in the world they happen to be. There are over 200 pages in all, presented in the exact order in which George filed them. However, several pages of particular significance and interest have been marked *.

Please note that these documents were created and collated long before the age of personal computers and smartphones and were hand typed, often on dark coloured paper. Hence, the quality is not of the standard we are used to today. However, this old style - coupled with George's personal annotations, signatures and doodles - adds to its charm and it is hoped you get pleasure from browsing this fascinating piece of history.

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Just click on the appropriate NAME to open the relevant document. Happy browsing!
Introduction*1A letter written personally by George Makey to Helsby Golf Club on 12th June 2003. He wished the original binder containing all of his records to go to Helsby for reasons described in his letter.
Golf Fanatics International*23A record of letters from the time George first got his idea to set up Golf Fanatics International, the first incarnation of everything we have today. The initial document is the very first letter dated 30th November 1974 written to various sportsmen and celebrities inviting them to join in with his venture.
Ode1'Ode Tae The Last Ba' - a Scottish tale from the misty, heather-clad past of the Royal & Ancient game.
Golf Masters Anonymous*3Report from June 1986 charting the change from 'Golf Fanatics International' to 'Golf Masters Anonymous' in 1978 and what had been achieved up to that time in 1986 - including the first Open presentation at Turnberry in 1977 and a fascinating passage on the wonderful contribution from Seve Ballesteros. (See Footnote below)
Marley Wheelchair Classic15Reports documenting the 1980-87 rise and demise of the Marley Wheelchair Classic and thoughts on how to replace it.
Peter Alliss Masters*11Landmark report on the first ever Peter Alliss Masters in 1988 at Golf House Club, Elie and the Craw's Nest Hotel.
PAM 198923Detailed report on the second Peter Alliss Masters in 1989.
PAM 199026Detailed report on the third Peter Alliss Masters in 1990.
'Golf World' article*1A fascinating article penned by Peter Alliss for the May 1991 edition of 'Golf World' charting the origins and successes of the 'crusade' up to that point.
GM to 'step aside'*1An emotional letter penned by George Makey in 1991 stating his reasons for needing to 'step aside' - the first of several as George clearly struggled to completely let go.
PAM 199128Copious notes on the 1991 Peter Alliss Masters with interesting glimpses of some of the key people from the past.
1975-1992*1One page summary of the funds raised and chairs presented from the beginning in 1975 up to 1992.
PAM 19927Report on the 1992 Peter Alliss Masters.
Charity mooted*4A fascinating 1993 look forward to how the crusade needed to develop in anticipation of hitting the £1 million mark and including the need to consider the founding of a Registered Charity (which eventually happened in 2006!)
1993 & 9425New records are achieved as the £1 million mark is passed with the help of fundraising events from the world of Snooker.
Sunrise Medical20Report on the first Sunrise Medical sponsored Peter Alliss Masters in 1995.
SM 219Report on the continuing success of the Peter Alliss Masters in 1996 under the sponsorship of Sunrise Medical.
Open Championship article*3Interesting article for inclusion in the Open Championship Official Programme of 1996.
Last chapter*2One page report on the Open presentation in 1996 plus the last known recap of the amazing contributions made by some of the world's top golfing heroes - George's 'Panel of Magicians'.


One of George’s early reports describes how Seve Ballesteros first came on board and his presentation to the children at Sunningdale in 1984. George recalled “That was the most moving presentation I have been privileged to attend and I have a 21-minute video of it - a gem of a ‘Salute to Seve’”. If that video still exists and anyone knows its whereabouts, it would be wonderful to hear from you and discuss how we might be able to share it.

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