2021 Peter Alliss Masters To Go Ahead

The Alliss family have decided to continue to run and manage this wonderful charity which carries Peter’s name, just as he would have wanted.

To that end put they are pleased to announce that the 2021 Peter Alliss Masters will be held on 21st – 22nd September at Old Thorns, Liphook.

Follow this link to find out more about supporting and playing in the event.

Cheshire Society Donate Two Chairs

Captain Phil (seated) and behind them (l-to-r) Kieran McCabe (FHGS Secretary) , Zahida Yunis (Alainah’s Mum), Colin Moss (FHGS Treasurer), Ray Feldwick (PAM Treasurer), Warren Kelsall (Dylan’s Dad), Steve Cunniffe (Helsby GC Captain), Jim Potter (Helsby GC President) and Alex Walters (FHGS Captain Elect)

A Cheshire golf society of just 40 active members – Frodsham & Helsby Golf Society – managed to raise enough funds in one season for TWO powered wheelchairs. 2016 Captain Phil Davies chose the Peter Alliss Masters as his Captain’s Charity in the hope of raising funds that would go some way towards the £3,000 needed to buy a powered wheelchair. However, such was the generosity and resourcefulness of the society’s members, a magnificent £5,300 was raised.
With a top-up from the Charity’s central funds to take the figure up to £6,000, the Society was able to present chairs to two deserving youngsters at its final event of the year, its Christmas event at Helsby Golf Club. The children receiving the chairs were Alainah Hussain, aged 16 from Nelson in Lancashire and Dylan Kelsall, aged 14 from Stoke-on-Trent. They are pictured above with Captain Phil (seated) and behind them (l-to-r) Kieran McCabe (FHGS Secretary) , Zahida Yunis (Alainah’s Mum), Colin Moss (FHGS Treasurer), Ray Feldwick (PAM Treasurer), Warren Kelsall (Dylan’s Dad), Steve Cunniffe (Helsby GC Captain), Jim Potter (Helsby GC President) and Alex Walters (FHGS Captain Elect).

As Phil explains: “The way the members took on this challenge was amazing. They came up with all sorts of ideas for raising funds as part of our monthly golfing get togethers. Ideas included auctions of complimentary rounds of golf, sweeps, swear boxes and individual donations. I’m really proud of what everyone’s achieved and it made it all worthwhile when we saw those two youngsters receiving their new chairs just before Christmas.” 

If you want more details of just how the society raised the money, Phil is happy for you to email him at PJDsolutions@aol.com.

Chairs from the Stars

George McKey enlisted the help of many in the golfing world.

Lee Trevino and Fuzzy Zoeller were among the first high profile golfers to donate. Seve Ballesteros alone donated 17 powered wheelchairs.

Below is an extract from George McKey’s papers setting out just some of donations made by the golf and snooker world during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Chairs for Ireland

Three powered wheelchairs were presented to Ireland schoolchildren at this year’s Open at Royal Portrush.

Receiving their chairs from Peter and Jackie Alliss were James Little, 13, and Euin Moore, 10, both pupils at Fleming Fulton, Belfast, and Saoirse Ryan-Lunn, 10, a pupil at St John’s Primary School, Coleraine.

Also taking part in the presentation (pictured) were Chris Hilton, captain of the R&A, Michael Moss, former secretary/manager of Portstewart Golf Club and Geoff Goldsborough of Perennials RFC.

Our sincere thanks go to all those who have helped to make this happen.


“The powered chair and its flexibility make a world of difference to Nina. Because of her visual impairment the NHS will not fund a powered chair so the only way that Nina can have a degree of independence is to have use of a powered chair. 

This is an absolute necessity at college where she can navigate the routes to the various classes and get involved in learning how to take visual prompts when out in the community. The other really useful feature for Nina of this chair is the ‘recline’ position. 

Since Nina’s spinal surgery, sitting for long periods can be uncomfortable so it a great relief to be able to recline even for short periods. As far as the family goes it is just the pleasure of knowing that Nina has the best and most appropriate seating available.” 

– Tim, Nina’s Dad

“It will make such a huge difference to Connor and our family as we will be able to explore more places. He is getting so big that it is almost impossible now to push him uphill, and any uneven terrain was just inaccessible. 

The powered chair gives us the freedom to go anywhere now, regardless of how steep the hills are! It really will make such a big difference to all our lives. 

Really can’t thank the generosity of the Peter Alliss Masters charity enough for their life changing contribution.” 

– Shelley, Connor’s Mum


Thank you

“The problem with a family member being less abled than others is that it can effect daily family life. You can find yourselves not going places or doing activities because of simple access situations that normally you wouldn’t even think about. 

Having a chair for Ellis will mean that he can go places with the rest of his family that currently he is unable to go and be part of the family once again.

Ellis can only walk very short distances now and when he does he often falls due to the weakness in his legs. His incurable condition can only deteriorate, so having the safety of his chair to help him to prevent injury and to enjoy family life as much as possible is a relief to us as parents. 

His quality of life shall improve immensely. Becky and I thank you, the golf club, and everyone who was involved in fundraising from the bottom of our hearts to help Ellis become mobile once again.” 

– Ellis’s Parents


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I can’t begin to say how amazing his is and how much of a difference this will make to Louis’ life.

Rob, 2017

Hi to all you wonderful people who have been so very kind in raising funds for our brave princess Georgia. We are so excited as this will make a huge difference to Georgia and ourselves. Georgia’s current chair weighs around 100kg with Georgia sitting in it and her equipment. So it’s very heavy and I’m only 5ft 2 so this will be amazing. I also suffer with fibromyalgia so really struggle. Once again massive thank yous!

Tracey, Paul, Dan & Georgia x – 2017

It will make a great difference to my life because it will make everyday tasks easier, and where the wheelchair can rise it will help with my anxiety so I can be at the same level as other people instead of others looking down on me or completely ignoring me, it will also make me more independent.

Jade, 2017

The chair will make a huge difference to Harry’s independence. His biggest love is his sausage dog ‘Poppy’ and now with his powered wheelchair he will be able to take her out for a walk without assistance. This is a big thing for Harry.

Chris, 2017

A power chair makes a real difference to our family as it gives Summer some much needed independence. It also makes it much easier for us to go out as a family and not have to worry about if we will manage with pushing Summer around in her manual chair over the day as with being 13 she can get quite heavy to push and if it’s just me taking Summer out I start to struggle after a little while pushing and keeping and eye on my youngest too.

Sam, 2017

A powered wheelchair gives me the ability to go out with my friends and not be dependent on people pushing me, it means I have more independence in every aspect of life and therefore improves it as a whole.

Louis, 2017

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