Callum Mills

Lovely letter to Eric Malkin from Tracey Sanders, mum to Callum.


Hi Eric my names Tracy sanders and I’m mum to Callum Mills who you have so kindly agreed to help fund a new wheelchair for. Callum is now 12 and has outgrown the chair he has now as you can see from the photos ive sent. So we are in quite a pickle to get him a new chair so he can go out and about comfortably. Geoff has helped us figure out the chair that will suit Callum and aslo be lightweight enough for me to manage with my back problems. He will be measuring Callum up hopefully next week so we can get the ball rolling. Callum had meningitis at 10 days old which left him with brain damage, learning difficulties, cerebral palsy in his legs (diaplegic) and also severely visually impaired. Callum wears leg braces daily and he suffers many blisters from this. Life is tough on him in many ways but having a great wheelchair not only makes things a bit easier but gives him independence and a want to go further afield then being isolated at home. We as a family can not thank you enough for offering to support us in getting this chair for him, it means so much to all of us.

Yours gratefully Tracy


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