What We Do

Celebrating at Old Thorns

Throughout the UK and Ireland each year thousands of children are born with disabilities that severely affect their mobility, causing very real limits on their quality of life. This can be dramatically improved by the use of a modern and sophisticated powered wheelchair, giving the freedom and mobility to gain a degree of independence. The cost is usually out of the reach of their families and this is where the Peter Alliss Wheelchair charity steps in.

In 1975, George Makey MBE started an initiative to raise money to buy powered chairs for disabled children. At the end of the seventies he asked Peter Alliss – the renowned Ryder Cup golfer and commentator – to become involved, which he did willingly. Since then many Golf Clubs and other organisations have joined in and raised over £7,000,000 to buy hundreds of powered chairs for needy children across the UK and Ireland.

The charity’s aim is to raise monies and by encouraging golf clubs, societies, businesses and individuals to get involved, providing funds for a chair in their name for a child in their local area.

The cost of chairs can vary enormously with a price tag between £3,000 and £13,000. They are built to a design to meet the specific needs of each child.

We encourage and support everyone who holds fundraising events with banners and posters and personal representation.  Everyone who raises sufficient funds to buy a chair is entitled to 3 team places in the annual Peter Alliss Masters Tournament at Old Thorns, Liphook and also experience the heart warming presentation of  their chair to a child from their locality.